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Ace Monroe
Ace Monroe

Ace Monroe – ‘Shelter In Place’

‘Shelter In Place’ is the spellbinding debut album from Nashville-based band Ace Monroe. It is an eight-track release that sets Ace Monroe as a band to watch this 2022.

‘Burnin’ opens the release to a rocky and bluesy vibe that is instantly attention-grabbing. The punchy instrumentation demands the audience’s attention and holds it effortlessly.

Guitars at zZounds

‘Megan’ features wonderful layered vocals, guitars on either side of the sonic spectrum and a catchy hook. Likewise, ‘Ghosts’ is filled with layered distorted guitars and vocals; it is a track filled with charisma and charm.

In addition, ‘Southern Comfort’ is a stand out track on the album. It evolves before the listener, and it is a memorable, catchy song.


Ace Monroe say about the track, “‘Southern Comfort’ is the sonic equivalent to a dirty dive bar. The perfect sleazy bluesy rock n’ roll track revolving around a story of pouring your heart out while the bartender is pouring you another glass.” They continue, “From the inviting sound of a bar crowd all the way to the ending hit, Southern Comfort is sure to give you a buzz.”


We also love the mix, production and master of ‘Shelter In Place’. From the artwork to the finishing master, Ace Monroe has delivered a body of work that sets them as significant players in the artists who will breakthrough this year.

Charismatic Band

We are so excited to have discovered this unique and charismatic band. It is getting rarer for bands to release full albums, and Ace Monroe has hit the jackpot with this release. They are reinventing rock and roll for 2022, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next.

Until then, ‘Shelter In Place’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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