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ACG (real name, Wolfgang ‘Wuff’ Leitner) is an Austrian Musician. We have been lucky enough to hear his 2017 single, ‘Black Magic’. Released on Chaos Room, ‘Black Magic’ is a song which is hard-hitting and memorable. 

‘Black Magic’ has a subdued beginning. There is a creeping sound of static and a guitar amp from which a guitar riff, which will soon sound familiar, emerges. We also hear a kick drum, this is most certainly the heartbeat of the song. It plays throughout and creates the rhythmic foundation from which all of the other instrumentation can grow. 

There is a wonderful tone to the electric guitar and the vocals have been double tracked which add layers of intrigue. The song is heavy and dark in nature. We loved the chorus which is melodic and repetitive enough to have you singing along by the end of the song. 

‘Black Magic’ comes full circle at the end of the track where there is a sudden ending to the instrumentation and we are left with the static and guitar amp sounds from the opening. 

When ask, ACG said the sound came about because “A pal of mine visited me and told me that his ex was accusing him of using Black Magic to ruin his life (seriously). So this story became the song, and the lyrics reflect what he’d told me that day.” We feel ACG’s style of writing about true life experiences is what gives his music legitimacy. We are sure people will be able to relate to his life experiences. 

ACG’s voice is full of character and personality. Gruff in texture and tone, it adds layers of depth and interest to this song. It is the type of voice which could be used in Rock or Metal music and can adapt to either of these situations well. His melodies are always interesting and capture the listener’s attention wonderfully. 

There is no doubt that ACG is an excellent musician. We were impressed with the composition and arrangements of this single and the production is top notch too. ACG has an impressive back catalogue as well, so make sure you check out this divine artist today!

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