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ADMNT/Atticus Blue

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ADMNT/Atticus Blue – ‘Take Me Back’

‘Take Me Back’ is the wonderful collaboration between musicians ADMNT and Atticus Blue. It is a brilliant pop release that will have the audience reaching for the repeat button! 

An enticing beat and gorgeous saxophone open the release. The groove is instantly enticing and draws the listener in. As the vocals enter, the single is in full flow. 

In addition, the chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. The soulful nature of the single is intoxicating and ‘Take Me Back’ is a warming release this winter 2020. 

ADMNT and Atticus Blue are innovating pop music with this latest release. Their fresh and unique sound is unparalleled to anything that we have heard recently, and this is what sets the duo apart from the crowd. 

The duo describes ‘Take Me Back’ as, “A melancholy piece taking the listener on an all familiar journey of emotional heartbreak, pining over passionate memories.” It is a deeply relatable song that will touch the hearts of its listeners. 


‘Take Me Back’ is the first collaboration between ADMNT and Atticus Blue. We sincerely hope that it is not the last! We adore their sound and together they have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

So make sure you add ‘Take Me Back’ to your weekday playlist. Separately ADMNT and Atticus Blue are clearly excellent musicians, but when they come together, magic happens. 

We very much look forward to hearing what 2021 will have in store for these brilliant artists. We know that they are destined for big things! 

Until then, ‘Take Me Back’ is available to enjoy from the link below!

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