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Akkor – ‘Durma’

Akkor, (AKA Üstün Lütfi Yildirim) is a superb musician hailing from Turkey, Istanbul. His latest album ‘Durma’ is a thoroughly innovating and compelling listen throughout its 50-minute duration. 

The title track, ‘Durma’ opens the release. An atmospheric beginning greets the listener. Ominous and compelling, the scene is set beautifully for the synths and beat to drop. Layered synths build slowly creating interest and intrigue within the piece. 

We adored ‘An’, staccato percussion fill the sonic landscape. The melodic and superbly played piano gives a real character to the piece and dictates the narrative. ‘Rabt’ is another excellent song which takes its time to evolve organically before the listener. Synths appear in the silence, and this use of layered instrumentation is profoundly effective. ‘Tekerrür’ is the final song. It has a beauty and grace within the DNA of its fabric but is still deeply haunting. The use of strings adds an extra colour which further enhances the darker undertones. 

Akkor says, “‘Durma’, offers an electroacoustic narrative in a progressive cinematic sound universe through piano, synthesizers, soundscapes and recorded/found noises. The product of 3 years of work, ‘Durma’ presents the contemporary musical language of the project.” He continues, “(I) focus on found noises from urban life and city, uses electronic/electroacoustic instruments, piano and computer-aided techniques.” We believe this is what makes Akkor stand out from the crowd. His ingenious use of natural sounds are the foundation of the track to which everything else is built around. 

Innovating and inspiring, Akkor is a unique talent. In the world in which we are currently living, happiness can be found in the arts, and we thoroughly recommend taking some time out to listen to ‘Durma’. 

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