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Alec Rice – ‘Younger’ Feat. Kristina Single Out Now!

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Alec Rice

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Alec Rice – ‘Younger’ Feat. Kristina

New Haven-based artist Alec Rice has teamed up with musician Kristina on their sensational latest single, ‘Younger’. It is an electronic-pop release with a big heart!

Enticing synths open the release. They are filled with interest and intrigue, and as the beat drops, the single is in full flow. Kristina’s soulful vocals enter and add their unique tone and character to the piece. 

We adore the layered vocals which create a brilliant texture within the track. In addition, the chorus is mesmerising and will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. There is also a skilful and accomplished guitar solo which is unexpected and keeps the listener on their toes! 

Rice says about the single, “‘Younger’ is a track that takes advantage of the new resurgence of 80’s pop music in our modern-day pop scene. It features classic 80’s synths and the TR808 drum machine that we all know and love.” 

He continues, “The song’s lyrics focus in on the nostalgia-driven by memories of fearlessness embedded in our childhood. Coupled with an amazing vocal performance by Kristina and a roaring guitar solo by William Brennan.”


Together the team have crafted a single which will stand the test of time. It is a single which stays with the listener long after the music has ended and firmly puts Alec Rice as an artist to watch this 2021. 

We hope there are further collaborations between Alec and Kristina. They compliment one another’s sound wonderfully, and we would love to hear more!

So make sure you add ‘Younger’ to your weekday playlist. It is a song which is destined to make waves this year, and we look forward to what the 2020s will hold for these dynamic musicians. 

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