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Ali Thoburn – ‘Baggage Handling’

London based musician Ali Thoburn released the stunning album, ‘Baggage Handling’ in January 2020. It is a compelling listen that feels timeless and captivating throughout.

‘Nothing’s Wrong’ opens the release with a rich acoustic guitar and percussion bubbling just under the surface. Thoburn’s stunning vocals are apparent from the get-go and effortlessly guide the song along. The exquisite quality of the songwriting is breathtaking. 

We enjoyed ‘All the Above’, the opening guitar is extremely skilful, made effortless by Thoburn. The song then evolves into a more prominent guitar vibe accompanied by excellent harmonies, layered vocals and catchy melodies. ‘Saccharine’ is quite simply an epic tune. It builds slowly, building anticipation with the listener and the pay off is worth the wait.

Thoburn says, “A great deal of it was cut live to tape, and no computers were harmed or used in the recording, producing or mixing stages.” He continues, “(Its) hard to place the album into one genre but definitely has elements of folk, blues, 70s’ rock with a little hint of old synths thrown in. The album has made its way into a small vinyl run with the cover art showing a picture of my great grandfather standing in the fields of Flanders in 1916.”

Born in Liverpool, and educated on Penny Lane, Thoburn is a unique talent. There is a genuine honesty that comes through ‘Baggage Handling’. In part, this comes from the album having been recorded in a loft in Dublin and London. It is also from Thoburn’s incredible songwriting ability. He is able to convey emotion and relate to the listener effortlessly. 

So make sure you check out ‘Baggage Handling’ this Easter Weekend, you will not be disappointed!

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