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Ali3ns – ‘Second Coming’ EP Released

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Ali3ns – ‘Second Coming’

Hailing from Spain, Ali3ns have released the magnificent rock EP ‘Second Coming’. It is a must-hear release this February 2021. 

‘In Between’ opens the release. Duelling guitars fill the sonic spectrum and set the scene as to what is to come. We like the characterful vocals which fill the sonic spectrum with colour and drive.

‘Trumpetist (Keep Talkin’)’ has a punk vibe which intoxicates the listener. The main riff is memorable and stays with the audience long after the music has ended. 

‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ is a standout song. It is filled with texture and has an enigmatic and driving nature. ‘She’ closes the EP and leaves the listener wanting more! 

Band Members

Ali3ns are comprised of band members Cheech Cortal, (voice and guitar), M.A.L.P. (bass), F. ‘Animal’ Wazinger (drums), and Diego Sitja (keyboards and percussion). They are excellent musicians separately, but when they come together, magic happens!

Band member M.A.L.P. says about the release, “The only reason to make music is to give a gift to the world. It is a pity that whoever has something to say is not heard if you lend us a little time from your ears we promise to give you a few minutes of happiness. You have nothing to lose.” 

New Single

We are so excited to see that Ali3ns have a new single set for release too. ‘Honeymoon’ will be available from the 12th February – a date for the diary. After hearing ‘Second Coming,’ we can not wait for ‘Honeymoon’ to drop!

So make sure you add ‘Second Coming’ to your weekend playlist. Ali3ns are a driving and exciting band who are making waves with a string of superb releases. 

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