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Alias Wayne
Alias Wayne

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Alias Wayne – ‘Firebrand’

Alias Wayne is a genre-blending singer-songwriter/artist. His latest album ‘Firebrand’ will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

‘Radiation Town’ opens the release. A joyous and upbeat sound greets the listener and paves the way for Alias Wayne’s soulful vocals to shine. We love the layers of instrumentation, all bringing their unique groove to the piece. ‘The Young & the Brave’ is a standout song. It begins with an atmospheric piano and is soon joined by layered vocals injecting their colour to the song.

‘Fixin To Die Rag’ has a compelling feel. It instantly attracts the listener and holds their attention effortlessly. ‘Real World’ closes the release and it has a different feel from the tracks that have come before. It has a bigger band sound and the whole album leaves the listener wanting more!

About Alias Wayne

Alias Wayne is a fun side project of singer/songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick. ‘Firebrand’ is the third under the name Alias Wayne, following 2019’s release Snafuand 2020’s Faux Pas.

The only son of Texas ranch-family parents, Ranzel X Kendrick’s passion for music started in grade school when multi-Grammy winner and Country Western legend ‘uncle’ Roger Miller began to giving tips on his songwriting. As a teen, Kendrick and his high school drummer buddy often jammed with Miller when he was in town.

Kendrick has since written a delightful catalogue of original songs including the 3-album ‘Texas Series’. Each album features a variety of production styles: from solo guitar and vocal to simple rhythm sections, to more intricate full instrumentation and more.

So make sure you check out ‘Firebrand’ from the link below. Ranzel X Kendrick is a prolific writer who we look forward to hearing more from in the future. We can not recommend ‘Firebrand’ enough!

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