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Allison Saleh

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Allison Saleh – ‘Still I Rise’

Allison Saleh is a superb musician hailing from Clovis in the United States. Her latest eight-track EP ‘Still I Rise’ is a wonderful Americana release.

‘Dust’ opens the EP. Allison Saleh’s gorgeous vocals instantly demand the listener’s attention and her impressive range is on display. We love the staccato nature of the song which adds luscious texture to the piece. 

‘In Your Arms’ is a standout song. A gorgeously picked electric guitar fills the sonic spectrum. The stripped-back instrumentation is wonderful and lets the track shine in the light in which it was written. 

‘Free’ has a rockier feel which takes the EP in a new direction. It is an empowering song which will have you reaching for the repeat button. ‘Light a Candle’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more! 

Allison Saleh says about the EP, “‘Still I Rise’ is the culmination of about ten years worth of writing and experiences. Most of the songs reflect on marriage, mental health issues, divorce, finding hope amidst life’s struggles, calling on one’s higher power, and then finding love again.”


Allison Saleh’s wrote the songs on the EP during her divorce. The songs cover a range of emotions that Saleh’s lived through in that time, and this is what makes the EP so relatable. She conveys emotion effortlessly to the audience and lets us feel less alone together. 

‘Still I Rise’ was recorded at JSM Studios. It was self-produced by Allison Saleh. In addition, Saleh’s father recorded the acoustic guitar on the project, and the team have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that has honesty and integrity running through each song.

Allison Saleh cites her influences as coming from Kate Nash, Lily Allen, Queen, and Regina Spektor. We can hear these artists coming through on ‘Still I Rise’ but make no mistake, Allison Saleh is making music all of her own. 

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