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Alpha Circle has just released their divine debut single, ‘Circles’. It is a pop song with an upbeat feel and contagious melodies throughout. 

‘Circles’ opens to the sound of a bass, swiftly followed by drums, guitars and vocals. The kick drums soon establishes itself as the heartbeat of the song. Its dedicated rhythm provides a lifeforce for all of the other instrumentation to grow from. The guitars have a jangly quality to them that sits at the top end of the mix and demands the listener’s attention. 

We found the vocals to be warm and inviting. They have a comforting quality to them and the listener feels safe in their tones. Lyrics such as, “Melody is in the key of hope,” enhances the upbeat and joyous feel the listener gets from the infectious melodies.

There is a building of layers to create texture and heart to the piece. The chorus is catchy and the listener looks forward to it coming back around. We loved the harmonies which enrich the piece and the middle 8 offers a change in direction before the chorus brings the song back home.

Alpha Circle describes their make up as what happens when you put, “Two Spaniards and two Englishmen” in a band. Comprised of members: Lee Chamberlain – Lead Vocals/Lyricist, Alberto Garcia – Strings/Keys/Backing Vocals, Simon Richman – Percussion/Backing Vocals, Lewis Ceballos – Bass guitar/Backing Vocals. Alpha Circle are all excellent musicians in their own right. However, they come together on ‘Circles’ and work as one united unit together. Their sound is unique to them and we can not wait for their EP to drop later this year. 

So make sure you check out this awesome new band this fine Sunday. The weather might be rubbish outside but Alpha Circle will warm you up in no time! 

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