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American Pleasure Dome have just released their self titled album. Indie Rock fills the sonic landscape with intoxicating melodies and genre-defining riffs. 

‘Time Wave’ opens the album to a sound of a solo electric guitar riff. Double tracked vocals, honest lyrics, and an upbeat melody all come together to create the perfect opening track. The listener is primed and ready for the excellent music that is to continue. 

We adored the songs, ‘Saint Grumpy’ for its excellent feel, rock groove, and catchy chorus. ‘Bad Girlfriend’ again features American Pleasure Dome’s trademark rock sound, and it also highlights their unique lyrical content in their storytelling. 

Our favourite song on the album is the penultimate track. ‘Minnesota Goodbye’ has a joyous feel to it with addictive guitar riffs and layers of luscious instrumentation. There are sweet harmonies that are breathtaking too, and the song encapsulates all of the brilliant aspects of the band. 

We loved the production on the record. The album has a unique quality to it. The songs work together as a cohesive body of work, but also every single could stand alone as a single in its own right. This is all credit to American Pleasure Dome’s arrangements and composition talents. 

Founded in 2012, American Pleasure Dome are comprised of members: Hans Schumacher – Guitar/Lead vocals, Park Evans – Lead Guitar, Lindsey Paine – Lead Guitar, Brenda Shepherd – Bass/vocals, and Joel Arpin – Drums. Based in Minneapolis, the band cites their influences as Pixies, Neil Young, The Cars, and Guided By Voices. We can hear the influences in this record, but American Pleasure Dome has made an album undeniably their own. 

Make sure you check out ‘American Pleasure Dome’ today!

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