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Anaté – ‘First Time’

Hailing from Paris, musician Anaté has released the spell-binding single ‘First Time’, in January 2021. It is a captivating indie-pop single which needs to be heard!

A textured and compelling opening greets the listener. We adore the production of the drums, which is inviting and effortlessly fills the sonic spectrum. A gorgeous violin enters and paves the wave for Anaté’s vocals to begin. 

Anaté’s voice is enchanting; it is filled with warmth and a luscious tone. She commands the audience’s attention and holds it easily. We adore the main melody in the chorus that is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

We have added ‘First Time’ to our FV Music Blog playlist, check it out here! 

Anaté says about ‘First Time’, “This is the second single off my debut album. ‘First Time’ is a chill but melancholic song. It blends an indie-pop acoustic arrangement with trip-hop electronic elements. It talks about teenage love as memories of a young woman.” Deeply relatable, we are sure that ‘First Time’ will strike a chord with many listeners. 

Produced by Andrea

Anaté has worked with producer Andrea to create this stunning release, and we are sure the duo will make big waves in the music scene in 2021. They are a talented duo who are continually pushing forward. After hearing ‘First Time’, we are so excited for the full album to drop! 

We can not recommend ‘First Time’ highly enough. Anaté is a talented artist who is just getting started, and we know that the 2020s will be a significant decade for her. Follow Anaté’s socials for details of the full new album!

‘First Time’ is available now from the link below, enjoy!

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