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Andrew Neil – ‘Freak’

Released on Tree Heart Records, ‘Freak’ is the latest album by Andrew Neil. The 14 track release takes the listener on a sonic journey through Neil’s world; the songs are set to a backdrop of catchy choruses and memorable riffs.

The title track opens the album. A big and heavy full band sound greets the listeners and sets the tone as to what is to come. Neil’s vocals are engaging and colourful while the backing instrumentation drives the song along. We loved the songs, ‘Kentucky Whiskey’ for its melodic guitar and intriguing feel. ‘Drunk Tonight’ is light on the verses and more substantial on the choruses. Also, ‘Beautiful Dancer’ is melodic rock at its finest. Gentle with rough edges, it is a thoroughly compelling song. 

Our favourite track on the album is ‘All Over’. It features the vocals from musician Savannah Weaver. There is a rapped first verse that instantly grabs the listener’s attention. Weaver’s contribution offers exciting twists and turns to the album. Her voice suits the track well, and her melodic performance flows beautifully.  

Hailing from Charlottesville, Neil is a master in his craft. Each of the songs on the album stands firm on their own. They also come together to create an excellent piece of art. Neil says, “To me, music and poetry are gifts to help us live and understand. I call my music, Roots Music, because it comes from within me, from my very soul.” 

So make sure you check out ‘Freak’ today. Andrew Neil is a talented artist, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next! 

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  1. great review of the album “Freak”

  2. Freak is the flowering of a gifted songwriter and musician whose music and talent are becoming more mature with each record. This album is the follow up to Andrew’s prior album, Merry Go Round and further explored similar themes. Andrew writes very melodic and personal songs full of self- review, sometimes confessional, sometimes angry, often full of insight into facing life’s challenges. But, the songs never wallow in self-pity. The music sounds both modern yet with classic rock overtones. The accompaniment is both sympathetic and supportive of the songs, not being over or under produced. The musicianship is top notch. This is very courageous and Real music, which is so refreshing in an era of corporate labels and music made-to-order that now dominates the airwaves.

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