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Angelo Boltini – ‘Sympathise’

Dutch orchestral pop musician Angelo Boltini released his latest single, ‘Sympathise’ on 25th October 2019. Breathtaking strings, a catchy melody and excellent arrangement all contribute to this compelling single.

A dark and foreboding opening greets the listener from the get-go. A mysterious piano starts the piece and stays with the listener for the duration of the song. Guitars, drums and many other instruments enter to create a sonic wall of sound that is beautifully intoxicating. There are riffs placed upon a backdrop of chords that creates texture and intrigue in the piece.

The chorus is a standout section of the song. The vocals shine here, and the listener eagerly awaits it coming back around each time. It is a song that builds in intensity, and it carries that powerful vibe through the entire duration of the song.

During the final verse, a piano appears in a stabbing motion. It sounds as though an alarm is going off and grabs the listeners’ attention. The amazing strings are precise and sharp. Their descending melody offers a further foreboding element too. Also, the electric guitar near the end is another unexpected twist, keeping the listener firmly on their toes.

Boltini is a master musician. His vision and execution of ‘Sympathise’ is simply spellbinding. We adored the arrangement of the song and the building in layers of composition. Everything works in harmony together, taking the listener on a journey and giving us an insight into Boltini’s world.

‘Sympathise’ was recorded at the legendary Wisseloord Studios. The production was executed by Grammy-nominated producer Attie Bauw (The Scorpions, Judas Priest) and features Am.Ok orchestra’s string section. Together with Boltini, they have created an innovative and unique piece of pop music.

‘Sympathise’ is available now, make sure you check it out!

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