Annabelle’s Curse – ‘Vast Oceans’

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Annabelle’s Curse – ‘Vast Oceans’

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Folk-Rock band Annabelle’s Curse have released their superb full album release ‘Vast Oceans’ today, 22 May 2020. 

There are so many great tracks during ‘Vast Oceans’. We particularly enjoyed ‘Pull the Weeds’, the driving melodies captivate the listener and holds their attention effortlessly. ‘Thunder’ features stripped back instrumentation from the get-go. Magnificent harmonies fill the piece as the full band sound kicks in. We also loved ‘Bailout’ it is attention-grabbing and intoxicating. ‘Vast Oceans’ is filled with relatable lyrics and hard-hitting melodies; they are destined to have you reaching for the repeat button. 

The band say, “Annabelle’s Curse has been in existence for over ten years but our newest album, Vast Oceans, is our first attempt to produce an album on our own. Even though our band name sounds like it could be that of a metal band, Annabelle’s Curse is a unique blend of folk music and indie rock, and our new album is a mixture of both acoustic and electric sound.”

Annabelle’s Curse – ‘Vast Oceans’

Annabelle’s Curse covers many topics over the course of the eleven-track album including the growing partisan divide in their country, dealing with bullies, the eternal nature of love, overwhelming emotions and their toll on the soul, stifling grief caused by death, the power of lies, and the cultivation of a fruitful spirit. Varied and accessible, we believe that ‘Vast Oceans’ has something for everyone! 

Hailing from Abingdon, VA, Annabelle’s Curse consists of band members, Tim Kilbourne – Voice, Guitar, Banjo, Zack Edwards – Guitar, Carly Booher – Mando, Voice, Travis Goyette – Drums, and Tyler Luttrelle – Bass. Their collective effort on ‘Vast Oceans’ has resulted in an album which is destined to stand the test of time. 

Make sure you add this superb release to your weekend listening. It is an album which benefits from being listened to from the beginning to the end without any breaks. Enjoy!

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