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Song & Talk im Kaiserhof, Saarbrücken, 10.3.2014 (Photo: © Zippo Zimmermann,
Annika Jayne – ‘Heart of Mine’

German-based musician Annika Jayne, has released her spellbinding latest single, ‘Heart of Mine’ today, 31st January 2020.

Situated in the Folk genre, ‘Heart of Mine’ is an emotion-filled song that strikes at the soul of its listener. Rich guitars open the piece with a thick sounding kick drum. They pave the way for the characterful vocals to breakthrough. They are filled with charm and texture and guide the piece masterfully. 

We adored the stripped back instrumentation of the song that lets the song shine in the form in which it was written. There are no bells and whistles, only brilliant songwriting to shine. The chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. We found a lovely resolution at the end of the piece, finishing it beautifully. 

‘Heart of Mine was’ recorded at Kleine Audiowelt, Sandhausen, Germany. It has been masterfully produced by Daniel Deboy (The Late Call), and the superb musician, Peter Hinz provided percussion. 

Annika Jayne says, “This song is about fear, anxiety and panic but also hope and finding a way out. I was lying in bed, worrying. My heart was racing; it was running around in circles, imagining dangers everywhere. So, I talked to my heart and told it to slow down – because there is no way you can win a race when you’re panicking.” She continues, “In that night I created a mantra for myself which was soon going to be the chorus of this song: ‘Heart of mine, slow down, if you slow down, you’ll win all life’s races…’”

So make sure you check out this stunning single this weekend. You will not be disappointed! 

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