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Annika Jayne – ‘Petite Planète’

The excellent musician Annika Jayne, is back with her thought-provoking latest single ‘Petite Planète’ (Little planet). 

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the single. A solo shaker accompanies it, and this adds instant texture to the piece. We adore the richness in the acoustic guitar which has been produced beautifully. Annika Jayne sings beautifully in French, her voice transcends languages, and we adore the vibrant and inviting tone she emanates.

A luscious cello also appears with the vocals and the two effortlessly dance in harmony with one another. Extra percussion also enters, and the piece is beautifully composed. Layers of strings also grace the piece, and everything culminates in a thoroughly intoxicating song. 

Annika wrote the song together with Franck Deschamps. Annika says, “(Frank) wrote the lyrics, (I) wrote the music. The whole production is an international one. Vocals and guitar were recorded in Germany, the flute by Heline Fay in Finland, the cello by Carolina Teruel in Venezuela, and violin and viola by MariaGrig as well as percussion by Larry Salzman in the US. Aashinah designed the cover in India and last, but not least the production was mixed and mastered by Plava Kuca in Croatia.”

She continues, “This means that the participants come from all around the world – which reflects that our planet is the home of us all. We’re all in this together and that there is no Planet B”. Collectively they have done an excellent job, and we salute this exceptional team of artists. They have created a piece of art that has a message, is memorable, and we think it will stand the test of time. 

So make sure to add ‘Petite Planète’ to your weekday playlist. Annika Jayne is a unique talent, and we can not wait to see what she will do next. 

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