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Areen – ‘Brand New Day’

An FVMusicBlog favourite is back! Areen has released the stunning single ‘Brand New Day’, today 25th September 2020. 

A gorgeous electric guitar opens the track. Areen’s emotive vocals enter and gracefully guide the single along. His vocals have been superbly double-tracked in places which add weight to the piece. 

The main melody is catchy and instantly engages the audience. We love the layered instrumentation; it creates interest and intrigue within the piece. There is wonderful texture within the sing offering a diverse and intriguing feel.

The chorus has an anthem vibe to it, and following the first chorus, a dance feel breaks through. We can hear this song being played live and the venue going off as the full beat drops! 


Areen says about this latest release, “The song is meant to be an anthem to unify humanity and society in general. We are all one and division, no matter how big or small is the energy that will stop us from being in peace and harmony.” He continues, “So the song was intended to bring an uplifting, hopeful and powerful message and vibe to everything around the world.” We believe that ‘Brand New Day’ will achieve this! 

Previously we covered Areen’s single ‘Mango’. ‘Brand New Day’ is a wonderful follow-up and continues the strong songwriting with an addictive hook. Areen currently has more than 25 songs ready for release, and this is testament to the prolific writer that he is. 

Hailing from Washington, Areen is a special talent. We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Brand New Day’ and his previous releases. He is writing music that is relatable, and he forms a connection with his audience. 

‘Brand New Day’ is available from the link below, enjoy!

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