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e2a133d45c35e3d83b2d1958113c1775-IMG_8070We have been completely blown away by the latest single from the supremely talented trio Arliston. ‘I Have No Honour’ is a charismatic, mesmerising and thoroughly hypnotic song.

The single builds around layers of syncopated beats, subtle bass and gorgeous guitar parts from either side of the audio spectrum. We were fascinated by the guitar parts. There are a number of guitars which are playing separate melodies and rhythms at the same time. These parts could easily become confused but they do not. They dance around one another elegantly, always moving, never intruding on one another and forever complementing each other. 

All of the instrumentation provides a solid and integral foundation for the vocals. They are ladened with emotion in their performance and delivery and heavily effected by effects in the production. We adored the ending too, it is the drums that are left as the other instrumentation fades away. Simply stunning. 

Lyrically, ‘I Have No Honour’ is beautiful. It talks about the comparisons we make to one anothers lives. With the rise of social media, we are sure this will resonate with many people. They do this in an articulate and hard-hitting way. Lyrics such as, “Still staring at your pixels, you’re better than me”. Delicate and sensitive, Arliston are a band who are using their platform to highlight issues that need addressing and we salute them for it. 

We could easily hear this single being played on radio one and it would be a big hit. There is no doubting that Arliston have a huge career ahead of them. We will be watching with eager anticipation to see what will come next from such an exciting band.


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