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One of our favourite bands is back! The trio Arliston have just released their latest single, ‘Two Times’. Back in July, we covered their superb single, ‘I Have No Honour’. We are so pleased to hear this latest single is just as hauntingly beautiful.

Standing at 4minutes 10 seconds, ‘Two Times’ is an impressive song. A piano loop, spoken word samples, bass, drums, guitar, and atmospheric vocals all fill the audio spectrum. It is a stunningly unique composition filled with texture and intriguing elements. The spoken word samples weave their way in and out, subtly adding depth in the background of the mix. The syncopated drums create intrigue and the vocals are stoic and soothing.

Arliston’s sound is growing and maturing as each single is released. They understand the importance of leaving space within the music to create a rich atmosphere, and to new fans, ‘Two Times’ is an excellent representation of their music.

Arliston says, “The song itself explores themes of fear, and how fear of failure can often be the only surefire way to guarantee it.” This is portrayed beautifully throughout the song and the listener can easily connect with the trio.

Singer/guitarist Jack Ratcliffe says of the song, “The voices captured this real, palpable sense of every worry in the spectrum, from domestic worry to sheer survival…putting a song around it couldn’t have been easier, as frankly, we’re all hand-wringing worriers in Arliston”. So are we Arliston! This relatability is why the band is so popular.

Officially released on 30th August, ‘Two Times’ is available to stream now. We are sure, ‘Two Times’ is destined to be a hit and we are looking forward to seeing what the band will produce next. It keeps getting better and better!

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