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Art Block – ‘The Basement’ 

‘The Basement’ is the latest single from musician, Art Block. Released officially on 22nd November 2019, it is a mesmerising single that will have you reaching for the repeat button.  

A solo electric guitar opens the piece. It is alternating the bass note and chord all over the guitar neck. Intriguing and captivating it sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. Art Block’s vocals are delicate and filled with emotion. They demand the listener’s attention as soon as they appear and captivate hearts too. Textured and characterful, the vocals guide the song along wonderfully and dictate the pace of the piece. 

Synth drums enter and add further drama to the scene. The song slowly builds and evolves before the listener’s ears, and reaches its peak at the chorus. Synths appear at either side of the sonic spectrum and work harmoniously together. We loved the attention to detail in the vocals. There are uses of reverb and delay in the mix that give the vocals room to breathe. 

We also loved the mix, production and master on the song. Each of the many elements has their own space in the mix and shine in their light, while still coming together to create one cohesive piece of music. Production was executed by Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse Izzy Bizu Paloma Faith). Together Art Block and Barter have created a piece of art that is moving and timeless. 

‘The Basement’ is the first track from Art Block’s next EP, due for release in 2020. Based on the strength of ‘The Basement’, we can not wait for the full release! Make sure you check out Art Block’s work, he is an artist to watch! 

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