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Ash Dablunt – ‘Put In The Work’

Hailing from Oakland, ‘Put In The Work’ is a hip-hop single from the excellent artist Ash Dablunt. It is an awesome track that needs to be heard!

From an intriguing beginning, ‘Put In The Work’ evolves into a thoroughly addictive song. Dablunt’s stunning vocals drop, and the single is in full flow. 

Dablunt’s vocal performance is mesmerising. We love his phrasing; his skilful and complex rap feels effortless, which is testament to the skill which he possesses. 

The chorus is engaging and is thoroughly catchy. It will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. We love it! In addition, we love the layered and varied synths; they create a stoic foundation for Ash Dablunt’s superb vocals to shine. 

Dablunt says about the release, “‘Put In The Work’ is an upbeat, motivational song that energizes listeners to go after their goals whether it’s a pay check, weight goals, or a victory in a competition.”


Previously, Ash Dablunt has ghostwritten and produced under the name ChuckT. His debut single ‘Way She Do It’ gained popularity with podcasts and radio stations across the globe. Judging from the strength of ‘Put In The Work’ we can not wait to check out his back catalogue.

In 2018, Dablunt opened a recording studio in Richmond, CA called ‘Rich City Studios’. Since then, he has recorded and produced many artists in the Bay Area.

So make sure you add ‘Put In The Work’ to your weekend playlist. Ash Dablunt is an exciting talent who is making waves with this latest single. We recommend adding ‘Put In The Work’ to your weekend playlist. We very much look forward to hearing what will come next. 

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