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Ashland – ‘In Your Head’

Illinois-based band Ashland have released the brilliant alternative-rock single ‘In Your Head’ this April 2021. They are a duo who are making waves with this superb release!

An intoxicating beat greets the listener. As the vocals enter, ‘In Your Head’ is in full flow. It is instantly enticing and draws the listener in, and holds their attention effortlessly. 

We adore the chorus, which is catchy and memorable. It will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. The layered backing instrumentation is driving and adds layers of interest and intrigue to the piece too. 

Ashland has released a single which is rich in heart with ‘In Your Head’. It is an intelligently composed and arranged song which firmly sets them as a band to watch in 2021.  

In addition, we have added ‘In Your Head’ to our FV Music Blog Spotify Playlist; enjoy here. 

Ashland say about their music, “(It) feels like we’ve been to hell and back over the last couple years, but we’re still here, and this music is more ‘us’ than it has been in a long time.” Ashland’s honesty and artist integrity shine through on ‘In Your Head’, and it is a single which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

Previous Releases

Previously, Ashland released their album ‘Over The Moon’ in 2019 on Rise Records. After hearing In Your Head’, we can not wait to check out their back catalogue too! 

There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. It features the perfect visual accompaniments to the music and can be viewed from the link below! 

Ashland are a talented band with a bright future ahead of them. We very much look forward to hearing what they will do next! 

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