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Ashton Orion – ‘Uneasy’

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‘Uneasy’ is the latest release by Ashton Orion. Hailing from Western Australia, Orion is making waves with this alternative pop anthem. 

Luscious synths open the release filling the sonic spectrum with their unique and compelling sound. A kick drum enters which sounds like a heartbeat and will eventually become the heartbeat of the song. It is the foundation from which everything else is built around. 

Ashton Orion’s vocals enter, and they demand the listener’s attention instantly. An opening staccato performance injects further texture into the piece and captivates the listener. Further layered synths add their unique colour, and the song is in full flow. We enjoyed the chorus, which at first, pulls back the weight of instrumentation. This is unusual but gives a heavier weight when the full instrumentation kicks in. It lets the vocals shine, and their rich and warm tone is evident. 

Ashton Orion – ‘Uneasy’

Orion says, “‘Uneasy’ raises the notion that either natural self-assurance, or natural self-doubt, can be seemingly sewn into an individual. Wry, but not self-deprecating, the song presents a comparison alongside a relatable message of self-acceptance.”

Also, we loved the production of the single. The mix, production and master are blissful. Every part of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix while still coming together to create a fully cohesive single. The rise and fall in the composition create interest and intrigue within the single too. 

Ashton Orion is a talented artist with a bright and exciting future. We very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Until then, make sure you check out ‘Uneasy’ from the link below. 

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