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Ask Carol

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Ask Carol – ‘Darkest Hour’ 

Ask Carol are an awesome duo hailing from Oslo, Norway. Their latest single ‘Darkest Hour’ is grunge-pop at its finest. 

An enticing opening greets the listener. It is darkly seductive and entices the audience in. The vocals are filled with emotion and texture. As the full beat drops the single is in full flow. 

We adore the chorus, which is driving and enigmatic. In addition, the backing instrumentation is layered and filled with luscious colour. The intelligent arrangement of ‘Darkest Hour’ lets the wonderful song shine bright. 

The mix, master and production of ‘Darkest Hour’ is warm and punchy, letting each of the intricate instrumentation be heard. This single will be a hit with music lovers regardless of genre. 

We have added ‘Darkest Hour’ to our FV Music Spotify Playlist, listen to it now! 

‘Darkest Hour’ is a song which is written about anxiety and depression. It is a deeply relatable track and Ask Carol tackle these tough topics in their own formidable style.


Ask Carol are a band on the up. A short version of the song has already amassed over half a million views on TikTok. Released officially at the end of November, we do not doubt that Ask Carol will attract an army of new fans with this release.  

We are so excited to see that ‘Darkest Hour’ is the first of a series of singles to be released by the band before a full album drops in 2021. We can not wait!

We are big fans of Ask Carol, and we know that the 2020s are going to be a significant decade for them. Do not delay and add ‘Darkest Hour’ to your playlist this week. You will not be disappointed!

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