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Aydren – ‘After The Fall’ (feat. Mikara)

Seattle-based musician Aydren has released the stunning single ‘After The Fall’, in April 2021. It is a brilliant electronic-pop release that features the talented California-based vocalist Mikara too. 

An atmospheric opening greets the listener before luscious keys and Mikara’s intoxicating vocals breakthrough. We love the stripped back instrumentation initially, which lets the single shine in the light in which it was written.

Aydren’s vocals enter, and the two vocalists instantly complement one another. The layered vocals add a luscious texture to the piece, and the backing instrumentation offers its unique colour to the single too. 

‘After The Fall’ is a beautifully relatable song that reaches out and touches the listener. Aydren is a talented composer and arranger who knows how to write a hit. 

Aydren says about the release, “In a time where wildfires ravage the environment, politics more divisive, and society running on empathy deficits, ‘After the Fall’ is a cry for hope.” He continues, “The song looks to help listeners wait-out and challenge the world’s negativity during its darkest timeline.”


Aydren also worked with DJ and EDM producer Zendt on this excellent release too. Together, the team have created a single which is ear-catching, and it is one that will stand the test of time. 

Aydren is an artist who is making waves in 2021. His previous single, ‘I’m Not Crazy’, amassed an impressive 75,000 streams on Spotify alone. ‘After The Fall’ is a single which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated, and we very much recommend adding it to your playlist this week. 

We look forward to hearing what Aydren will release next. Until then, ‘After The Fall’ is available from the link below; enjoy!

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