B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L – ‘NEON BLUE’ Single Review

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B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L. - 'NEON BLUE' Single Review
B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L. – ‘NEON BLUE’ Single Review

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Hailing from Brooklyn in the United States, hip hop artist B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L is back. His latest release ‘NEON BLUE’, is a track filled with luscious beats and infectious melodies.

‘NEON BLUE’ opens to luscious synths and a teaser of B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L’s vocals. It has a slow and melancholic vibe that attracts the listener’s attention and holds it effortlessly. The beat is mesmerising with a short snappy snare and high hats with a trapp feel to them. There is also a complimenting video which accompanies the release. It is the perfect accompaniment to this addictive single. 


B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L says about the release of ‘NEON BLUE’, “This is the embodiment of the dreamlike atmosphere I tried to create with the song. Heartbreak rules my mind, and some days I can’t even make it out of my room. We have all been here. Love has left us all without the ability to get out of bed before.”

B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L. - 'NEON BLUE' Single Review
B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L. – ‘NEON BLUE’ Single Review

‘Neon Blue’ is a darker soundscape than some of S.Y.N.D.E.L.’s previous releases. As a ghostly reflection on the hurt of heartbreak, S.Y.N.D.E.L.’s lyrical stylings mimic the dancing towards inebriation one does when trying to cover for something lost. Superbly produced by MarkWhatsHisName, the duo have created another magical track. S.Y.N.D.E.L.’ says,” ‘Neon Blue’ is exactly what an interlude is, a space between two acts, a liminal nowhere-land that echoes and haunts and brings forth.”

We are big fans of B.R.E.O.N. S.Y.N.D.E.L. He is a prolific writer with a poets heart. He is always innovating and pushing forward to the next project, evolving and improving as he goes. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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