Bäckar – ‘Anything For You’ Single Out Now!

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Bäckar - 'Anything For You'
Bäckar – ‘Anything For You’

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 Bäckar – ‘Anything For You’

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Bäckar is a new wave artist whose latest release ‘Anything For You’ is a classic in the making.

A gorgeously picked electric guitar opens the release. The pace intensifies as the rich vocals, melodic bass and texture percussion enter. We adore the chorus, which is enticing and addictive; it will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. The layers of instrumentation have been superbly arranged to create colour and intrigue within the piece. They all have their own space in the mix and shine in their light. Atmospheric and emotional, ‘Anything For You’ is a must-hear song this summer. 

Bäckar - 'Anything For You'
Bäckar – ‘Anything For You’

Bäckar Talks

Bäckar says about the release, “‘Anything For You’ is a groove-driven pop song with new wave and indie rock embellishments. The song is bouncy and melancholic at the same time with layers of analogue synths and strings drifting over the top of the jangle-pop guitars and emotional male vocal performance.”

“The song took on many different forms before it became the version you hear today. The original was more stripped back, but I felt that I wanted to give people something that is danceable but also makes you want to cry at the same time. All the best songs do that. I’m often drawn to songs that find that balance of happy and sad at the same time.”

Bäckar is the debut release as a solo project by musician Joseph Brooks. It is an exciting and compelling release that will win Bäckar a number of new fans this summer. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next!

Released on Artax Records in 2020, ‘Anything For You’ is available now. Check it out from the link below. 

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