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Barefoot Magicians

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Barefoot Magicians – ‘Can’t Find Love’

Dublin based band Barefoot Magicians have released their brilliant latest single ‘Can’t Find Love’, in October 2020. It is an indie-rock song with a lot of heart. 

A charismatic vocal opens the release before the full band drops. We adore the layered guitars which are driving and instantly demand the listener’s attention. A harp enters and injects a fresh colour into the piece. We adore the hard-hitting nature of ‘Can’t Find Love’; it is intoxicating and compels the audience. 

Lyrically, ‘Can’t Find Love’ is relatable and touches the listener. Set to an infectious melody, Barefoot Magicians are onto a winner with this magnificent single!

Barefoot Magicians say about ‘Can’t Find Love’, “The song is about a girl who cannot find passion in her life, no matter where she looks.” They also say that the single is designed to “Bring the blues into modern times with groovy dance twists that people of all ages can enjoy.” Objective achieved!

Band Members

Barefoot Magicians are comprised of band members Dave Greene – harmonica and vocals, Graham Stewart – Guitars, Brian Steemers – drums & percussion, Paraic Carroll – Bass and Petra žižak – Keys & Mandolin. They play together seamlessly and ‘Can’t Find Love’ sets the band apart from the crowd. 

We were already big Barefoot Magicians fans but ‘Can’t Find Love’ has won us over even more! It is a wonderful release that needs to be added to your weekday playlist. 

Barefoot Magicians are a band who go from strength to strength and this superb single is no exception. We can not wait to hear what this quintet will do next!

Until then, ‘Can’t Find Love’ is available to stream from the link below, enjoy!

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