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Baybs – ‘Introvertigo’ EP

Hailing from San Francisco, Baybs is a music project from musician and songwriter Craig Jacobs. His latest EP ‘Introvertigo’ is folk-pop at its finest. 

‘Would You Dare’ opens the release. Its layered instrumentation paves the way for Baybs’ relatable lyrics and charming style. We love the memorable melodies which stay with the listener long after the music has ended. 

‘Sunchild’ is driving from the get-go. It has a compelling vibe which draws the audience in and leaves them wanting more. The layered vocals add texture to the piece too. 

‘These Things In My Head’ has an optimistic feel set to a backdrop of melancholic lyrics. This juxtaposition makes for an intriguing song. ‘Drifter’ evolves in front of the listener. It is a song which takes various twists and turns, keeping the audience fully engaged. 

The title track closes the EP. ‘Introvertigo’ has a catchy chorus and leaves the listener wanting more. This stunning release deals with anxiety, and we believe it will resonate with many people. Also, following the murder of George Flloyd, Baybs has pledged to donate the ​Bandcamp​ funds from ‘Introvertigo’ to the ​Ella Baker Center​ out of Oakland. 

Baybs Comments

Baybs says about the release, “The EP title ‘Introvertigo’ is a play on ‘introvert’ and the symptom of vertigo, expressing the constant mental spinning caused by severe anxiety. The five-track album is a true testament to the constant turbulence and distress caused by generalized anxiety as well as the feeling of chronic alienation from ones’ immediate surroundings.”

Baybs teamed up with the label Text Me Records to release this magnificent EP. Together they have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

So make sure you add ‘Introvertigo’ to your weekday playlist. ‘Introvertigo’ is an honest and thought-provoking EP that needs to be heard. Most of all, Baybs is an exciting talent who is making waves this summer 2020. We look forward to hearing what he will do next!

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