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Baze Blackwood
Baze Blackwood

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Baze Blackwood – ‘Don’t Remember’

Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Baze Blackwood has released the excellent single ‘Don’t Remember’, in July 2020.

Gorgeous strings open the release and an atmospheric texture slowly grows into the sonic landscape. This paves the wave for Baze Blackwood’s emotive vocal performance to breakthrough. 

We adore the laid back nature of the track. Comforting and soothing, the chorus is memorable (ironic as the lyrics state, “I hope you don’t remember me’). The beautiful string arrangement grows as the song does. We love the percussion that adds a new texture to the piece. ‘Don’t Remember’ is composition at it is finest and it a song that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 


Baze Blackwood says about the release, “‘Don’t Remember’ is emblematic of this melancholy fascination with identity. A dreamy drunken dirge that oscillates between the awe of the strange perfection of the infinite space of our universe and its narrator that wishes to disappear in the sheer immensity of it all—desiring to be forgotten.”

Baze Blackwood (AKA Miles Blackwood Robinson) has created a psychedelic, electronic classic in the making with ‘Don’t Remember’. The song is taken from a collection of songs previously written by the artist and have now been revisited and released.

This superb artist states that the song was originally written as a young songwriter. His latest take on the single shows a retrospective side to his songwriting, and we feel it will resonate with many people. 

One thing is for sure, Baze Blackwood is going from strength to strength. This Boston based artist is making waves this summer, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next. Until then, check out ‘Don’t Remember’ from the link below. You will not be disappointed. 

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