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Ben Evolent
Ben Evolent

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Ben Evolent – ‘Wanderous’

Hailing from Darwin, Australia, Ben Evolent is an alternative country artist. His latest album ‘Wanderous’ is superb, and we thoroughly recommend adding it to your playlist this week.

‘Hotel Shelter’ opens the release. The clear and crisp production shines from the get-go. We adore Ben Evolent’s vocals, the melodies are memorable, and the vocal performance is filled with character and charm. ‘Tales’ is a stand out track; it is melodic and driving from the beginning, captivating the listener effortlessly. 

‘Wander’ has a heavier sound that connects with the audience. It is filled with texture and colour, creating a unique draw. ‘Happiness’ closes the album. It is rich in heart and soul and leaves the listener wanting more. 

Ben Evolent
Ben Evolent


Ben Evolent says about the release, “Musically it’s a big band sound, one in which I have never had the chance to create.” He continues, “Recorded over the passage of three days, ‘Wanderous’ is an all Northern Territory project recorded at Masters Studio in Palmerston, mixed by the talented Ben Allen of Broadwing fame and mastered by Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) of Sing Hum in Alice Springs.”

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“‘Wanderous’ is as diverse as the weather of the Northern Territory, and reflects the many joys and tribulations of (my) journey to date. Encapsulating the simplicity of being and the complexities of forging your own path.” We feel that this will resonate with a lot of people, and this adds to Ben Evolent’s charm and appeal. 

So make sure you add ‘Wanderous’ to your weekday playlist this week. Released on Marshmallow Pavement Records, it will be a hit this summer. Ben Evolent is a compelling songwriter, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. Until then, check out ‘Wanderous’ from the link below.

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