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‘In Deep’ is the scrumptious latest single by London based artist, Ben Maier.

It is a song that is filled with layered vocals, reverb-laden guitars, and punchy drums. The overall vibe is pop/rock with a catchy and beautiful chorus. There are unexpected chord changes and textures to the instrumentation that keeps the listener on their toes.

We found Maier’s sound to be reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen. The tone and texture in his baritone voice are delectable and intoxicating. We loved all of the vocals on the track. The luscious harmonies are truly beautiful and they have been mixed to perfection.

‘In Deep’ has been produced by Jamie Verney (Miamigo, Pristine Babe, Yonaka) and features Maier’s brother, Jamie Maier (Tungz) on lead guitar. The bands culminating efforts have come together to make a single that is equal parts catchy and bold as it is intimate and emotional. This is intelligent composition and execution.

Maier says of ‘In Deep’, “The song is a statement of intent, I want people to listen to my music and feel emboldened to say how they really feel about things, whether that’s politics or art, or telling someone you love them. Because really, that honesty is the best thing we’ve got.” It indeed is all we do have. We feel Maier’s music will achieve this with a lot of people. His accessible sound connects with the listener and allows them to open up, feel and express.

‘In Deep’ is available to stream now. It is Maier’s fourth single. He is currently in Australia to work on new material but he will return to the UK in winter 2019 when he releases his self titled EP. We can not wait!

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