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Benjamin Marshall – ‘Wrong Together’

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Benjamin Marshall is a stunning musician hailing from Columbus. His latest single ‘Wrong Together’ is an Americana classic.

A vibrant acoustic guitar opens the release. Marshall’s charming vocals effortlessly guide the single along. The rich vocal harmonies shine through and add extra sparkle to the piece. The stoic melodies instantly grab the listeners attention and hold it effortlessly too. We love the relatable lyrics which connect Marshall to the listener. Marshall says, “I’ve been wrong a few times. And by few times…I mean, a few too many times. But the beautiful part is, I bet you’ve been wrong a bunch too. Why don’t we just acknowledge it? Here’s my song to remind you….it’s okay to be wrong.” 

Marshall states that his songwriting is fuelled by life’s experiences, observations, and conversations all the while trying to aid individuals in managing a fruitful, meaningful life. His experiences in the mental health sector have allowed him to work with some of the most vulnerable, including individuals affected by mental illness, addiction, homelessness, and incarceration, thus contributing to his passion for creating music that connects and heals. 

This talented songwriter cites his influences as coming from a variety of genres and artists such as The Beatles, The Head and The Heart, Jon Foreman, Dr Dog, and many more. However, Marshall is making music all of his own, and this is evident on ‘Wrong Together’.

Marshall released his first solo album in the Spring of 2017 titled ​The Final Giraffe.​ He went on to expand his discography with a sophomore album in 2019 (​The Bear Minimum)​, followed by several single releases in anticipation of his next album, due to be released in the summer of 2020. 

We are very much looking forward to the next album release and will be checking out his back catalogue this week! 

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