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July 2019 has been the busiest time we have had had for writing posts on our music blog!

25 posts in all and we have been completely privileged to write about such incredible releases.

We have also launched our Spotify Playlist which is banging! (What? well it is!) We have added songs we have loved from the last two years of writing and there have been new tracks added this week by this month’s artists so please have a listen and enjoy.


July’s Music Blogs are all listed below, please have a read and check out some awesome tunes!


The Thieves About – ‘The Chaos Theory’ – EP

J’Moris – ‘Til It’s Gone’

Trillion – ‘When I Wake’ – EP

Bonne Finken – ‘Gauntlet’

ReLove – ‘Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)’

Steve Hensby Band – ‘Chase The Sun’

Chris Mossop – ‘Sister Mary & Sister Josephine’

Mark Schirmacher – ‘Losing Things’

Sheryl Crow – Glastonbury 2019

Big Pretty – ‘Diamond Eyes (The Room Upstairs)’

ACG – ‘Black Magic’

Mankind’s Remedy – ‘Faceless’

The Black Watch -‘Mad’

Mike Gale – ‘Summer Deluxe’

Brenda Cay and Kristin K. Smith – ‘Glass Slippers’

Binary Drift – ‘Power Inc.’

Erin Gibney – ‘July’

Golden Idols – ‘Uneasy’ (EP)

Harbor Blue – ‘Wasted Days’ (EP)

Emma Kelly – ‘Waves’ (single)

Arliston – ‘I Have No Honour’

Mount Forel – ‘Greenland’

Heart Through Sacrifice – ‘Born From Sin / The Beast’

Endure The Affliction – ‘Soul Eater’ 


We are taking a Summer Break until mid-August now (need to rejuvenate our ears ready for the Autumn releases) but have some cracking music lined up for you then!

Just for you, an actual photo of our summer:


FVMusicBlog July 2019

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  1. Great photo

    1. Thank you, it shows us in our true holiday light

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