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85cf3fcc301e4332e043065936dd9783-3.JPGBased in South London, Big Pretty is set to release his latest single ‘Diamond Eyes (The Room Upstairs)’, on 12th July 2019. Real name Jimmy Robinson, Big Pretty is a phoenominal artist who is making waves on the current music scene.

This heavyweight single opens to the sound of a clap and a kickdrum. It instantly grabs the listner’s attention. The electric guitar begins with a riff which will soon sound familiar and memerable. There is a swooping confusion of instruments before the heart of the song drops. We adored the bass guitar which is melodic and engaging. It creates its own melody which compliments the other instrumentation wonderfully. The vocals are layered and filled with texture and colour too. It is truly a clever composition and demonstrates just how talented Big Pretty is. His voice is full of rich tones and his vocal performance is excellent.

This truly is a song for summer. It is catchy, fun and screams of a rich summer vibe. We could easily hear this single being performed at any festival this Summer 2019. It is a song to get the crowd in the mood and ready to dance!

‘Diamond Eyes (The Room Upstairs)’ reminds us of INXS and George Michael in places. The single has an 80’s sound which has been reinvented for 2019 in Big Pretty’s unique style.

With an artist as talented as Big Pretty is, it is no wonder he played Reading Festival at the age of 15, played at Download Festival by 17 and has continued to grow and evolve ever since.

‘Diamond Eyes (The Room Upstairs)’, is the follow-up single to Big Pretty’s debut release ‘Say You Want’. We are so excited to see ‘Diamond Eyes (The Room Upstairs)’ will be followed up with a further single dropping later in Summer 2019! Watch this space!

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