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Big Soda

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Big Soda – ‘Songs for Rich People!’

Hailing from San Francisco, Big Soda has released the superb EP ‘Songs for Rich People!’ in September 2020. It is an indie-pop release with hints of jazz and rock, all culminating in a thoroughly captivating EP. 

The five-track EP begins with the song ‘Windows! Sealed!’, it has a wonderful feel, relaxed and intoxicating. The intriguing chordal progressions are intoxicating and thoroughly captivates the listener.

‘E=mc2’ is a predominantly instrumental song that is refreshing and filled with texture. We love ‘Joon’ it is simply a gorgeous track. It opens to an acoustic guitar and vocal performance with a big heart. Gentle percussion aids the piece along, and the catchy melody is wonderful. 

Finally, ‘Smoke Weed Every Day’ closes the release. It has a Spanish vibe that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Big Soda says about the EP, “I find excess to be inherently meaningless and goofy. What does luxury mean? Where does monetary value come from? Super expensive designer brands (like Louis Vuitton) prove to me that good marketing is significantly more impactful to consumers than quality.” He continues, “So, here’s my crack at it: I decided to make an expensive EP. This isn’t any ordinary record – this is a luxurious, designer record. These aren’t just songs… they’re songs for rich people.”


Big Soda (AKA Josh Jacobs) is a multitalented musician who is releasing exciting and enthralling music. In 2016, Big Soda began a solo career and has not looked back since. His sound is influenced by Steely Dan, The Beatles, and John Prine but make no mistake, Big Soda is a formidable artist in his own right. 

So make sure you add this excellent EP release to your weekday playlist. Big Soda is a superb talent, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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