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Pop, grunge, and indie all feature in the latest single by the superb new band, Bigfatbig. ‘Science’ is an awesome instrument driven song that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Guitars enter from both sides of the sonic spectrum, swiftly followed by bass. Drums and Vocals both hit hard as the track gets fully underway. The vocal performance is filled with emotion and luscious welcoming tones. We adored the unusual melody on the chorus, it is innovating, swirling and ear-catching. Bigfatbig are making a sound instantly recognisable as their own. 

Guitarist Katie Ryall describes the singles subject matter, “Being single for the first time as an adult opened my eyes to modern casual relationships. The complexities that social media, free-thinking, and a misogynistic world has had on 2018 ‘dating’ weren’t a shock to me – I hadn’t been living under a rock – however, I also hadn’t considered how they could equal a lack of respect. Without going into detail, ‘Science’ came after growing tired of being mistreated by men who believed that because a relationship is casual, respect doesn’t come into it.” Unfortunately, we feel a lot of people will be able to relate to this. Bigfatbig are highlighting the issue here and in doing so, doing their part in changing the situation.

Comprised of band members, Robyn Walker (Vocals), Katie Ryall (Guitar), and Chaz Hall (Bass), Bigfatbig are our new favourite band. Their unique and refreshing sound is what music fans are crying out for. A long way from the X-factor generation, these women in music are writing music with a message that is being complemented by a kickass attitude. The production on ‘Science’ is excellent too, warm, rich, and big, it compliments the song perfectly. 

Bigfatbig are on our ‘Ones To Watch’ list. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such an exciting group. Bigfatbig’s live launch will take place at Newcastle’s Cumberland Arms on 10th November 2019. Check them out from the links below! 

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