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6039fb6c14070aea02ec2df8ff693d8a-Binary+Drift_Pic+A72.jpgHailing from Madrid, Binary Drift is the solo project of Songwriter, Mauricio Yrivarren. His latest single, ‘Power Inc.’ is a catchy and meaningful song that has all the ingredients to be a big success.

‘Power Inc.’ opens to the sound of an electric guitar playing a catchy riff. This is followed by an acoustic guitar playing chords on the first beat of the bar and then the vocals and a rich kick drum enter. Next, we hear the bass and full drums that set an already intriguing song alight. The slowly building layers keep the listeners’ attention fully and leave them eager to know what will come next.

The lyrics are powerful and this is further escalated by Binary Drift’s voice. There is a subtle and unique texture to his laid back performance which draws the listener in. We adored the electric guitar solo too which is thoroughly melodic and characterful.

By the time the final chorus enters, it feels like an old friend returning. ‘Power Inc.’ is an upbeat and entertaining listen. There are many layers of depth and texture to enjoy as soon as you scratch the surface.

The single ends on a fade of a minor chord. We were compelled to listen to the track again straight after it finished. There is so much to be enjoyed, the next play revealed subtle nuances that we had missed the first time.

Originally from Lima – Peru, Yrivarren’s songwriting is a masterclass in catchy and concise composition. Yrivarren understands how to produce a song that will stay in the listeners’ conscience long after the music has finished. The accompanying artwork is visually stunning and represents the song it encapsulates well. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such a talented and gifted artist.

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