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Black Bear Kiss

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Black Bear Kiss – ‘When I Break’

Hailing from Shropshire, Black Bear Kiss has released the magnificent single ‘When I Break’ in October 2020. It is an indie-rock single that needs to be heard this winter. 

A luscious full band sound greets the listener. ‘When I Break’ is filled with heart from the get-go. We adore the atmospheric guitars and stoic vocals which instantly add their unique colour to the single. 

There is a wonderful groove to ‘When I Break’, it is enticing and draws the listener in. The main melody is memorable and stays with the audience long after the music has ended. In addition, the varied and layered instrumentation has been mixed, produced and mastered superbly. 

Black Bear Kiss describes the song as, “From growing up, living the student and single life, to getting married and having kids, ‘When I Break’ talks about the pressure that comes with each step.”

During the song, Black Bear Kiss asks the question, are we ever truly fulfilled? It is a question many of us ask ourselves over time, and this adds to the band’s appeal. They are relatable and connect to the audience. 

Gavin Monaghan

Black Bear Kiss worked with Gavin Monaghan (Robert Plant, Editors, The Twang and The Sherlocks) at Magic Garden Studios on this release. Together the team have created a piece of art that is hauntingly beautiful. 

We are so excited to have discovered ‘When I Break’. Black Bear Kiss are an exciting band who are making waves with this release. We very much look forward to delving into their back catalogue this weekend!

‘When I Break’ is available from the link below; we can not recommend it highly enough! 

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