Blake – ‘1971’ Album – Released 08/06/20

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Blake - '1971' Album - Released 08/06/20
Blake – ‘1971’ Album – Released 08/06/20

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Blake is a singer/songwriter hailing from Melksham. His magnificent latest album ‘1971’, is officially released today 8th June 2020.

‘The Free Life’ opens the album with a beautifully played acoustic guitar. It is an instrumental track that sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. ‘You Got Me Thinking’ has a driving nature from the get-go. With big vocals and a staccato beat, it entices the listener and holds their attention effortlessly.

We adored ‘Peter Green’ it is a beautiful tribute to a great man. ‘Over and over Again’ has a bluesy rock riff that is addictive and compelling. We loved ‘Whenever’ for its a sing along quality with driving melodies and a wonderful vibe. 

Blake - '1971' Album - Released 08/06/20
Blake – ‘1971’ Album – Released 08/06/20

Blake says, “The first track on the album is a cover of Alan Parker’s ‘The Free Life’, the theme to the ITV schools series ‘My World’ – a haunting analogue synth tune that reminds me of school in the seventies. Its title and the nostalgia it provokes seems appropriate to these strange times we’re in.” He continues,” ‘Peter Green’ is my tribute to the founder of Fleetwood Mac, one of my musical heroes. I’ve been a fan of the original line-up of the band since watching the ‘Fleetwood Mac at 21’ BBC documentary in 1988. I’ve covered a couple of songs by the group in the past, but I was moved to write a song for Peter after the tribute concert to him that Mick Fleetwood organised at the Albert Hall earlier this year.”

We love the mix, master and production of this 14 track album. Each of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix. Blake says, “I mostly record my albums at home playing all the instruments myself. My song ‘Vinyl Junkie’ is featured in the British indie film, ‘Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours’.”

So make sure you check out this exciting release today. Blake is a superb artist, and we look forward to hearing what he will do next.

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