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Boston Light Band – ‘Glowing in Gold’

The divine Boston Light Band released their sublime latest single ‘Glowing in Gold’, and we are so pleased to be able to share our thoughts on it. 

Driving melodies, thick bass and undeniable groove, engulf the listener from the get-go. The staccato guitar gives texture to the piece, and the charming vocals and lilting drums come together to create a heartfelt and magical song which will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Boston Light Band says, “‘Glowing in Gold’ is based on a real-life event and tells the story of two people that are caught up in a toxic relationship; one unable to leave and the other unable to let go.” A subject which many of us can relate to. This is what will endear ‘Glowing in Gold’ to the masses. 

“Funnily enough, the song originally started on the ukulele, but once we started to produce it, we lost ourselves in the meaning…and the music!” says band member Simon. The other half of the duo, Andreas says, “We are currently exploring new sounds and ideas, and ‘Glowing in Gold’ was the first step into that direction. We plan on releasing a few more singles before the end of the year and are excited to keep challenging ourselves”.

The band themselves designed the artwork that accompanies this brilliant single. They say, “(The artwork) shows a figure slowly disappearing into the golden glow of the streetlights – very indicative of the main chorus lyrics, ‘life is always brighter when the streetlights are just glowing in gold.’” We found it to be a striking image that beautifully complements the music which it represents. 

The Boston Light Band are comprised of members, Andreas Potgieter on guitar & lead vocals, and Simon Orrey on drums & back-up vocals. Their unique and high energy performances are a hit with audiences. 

So make sure you check out this superb release today. Boston Light Band are a talented duo that are destined for big things in 2020. 

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