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Boulevarde & Little Green – ‘Take Your Time’

‘Take Your Time’ is a wonderful collaboration between artists, Boulevarde & Little Green. Released on 28th February 2020 ‘Take Your Time’ is quite simply a spellbinding song. 

A gorgeously played electric guitar opens the piece. Little Green’s unmistakable vocals kick in, and the vibe of the track is set. Subtle percussion underpins the vocals and adds beautiful texture, and there is a vulnerability in the guitar parts. The use of synths also adds unique atmosphere and colour.

The single’s instrumentation evolves as the song does. Layered and complex, the separate parts weave in and out of one another effortlessly. Little Green’s velvety vocals are filled with emotion and genuine heart. They have a luscious tone to them and are double-tracked in places which give extra emphasis. We also adore the production of the single; every element of the layered instrument has its own space in the mix. 

“Take Your Time is a song about loss and learning to say goodbye. Jordan (1/2 of Boulevarde) was grappling with the loss of his good friend at the time – who had taken his own life. The song comes from a very dark and emotional space, and we hope others going through a hard time can find meaning in it and know they are not alone.” We think that this will relate to a lot of people. 

Hailing from Sydney Boulevarde & Little Green are talented artists. When they come together, magic happens. ‘Take Your Time’ is the culmination of honesty, heart and integrity. 

So make sure you check out ‘Take Your Time’ today, we sincerely hope these magnificent artists work together again soon! 

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