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boWsER – ‘People in the TV’

Australian based band, boWsER are back with their infectious latest single, ‘People in the TV’. Riff driven, it is a song with a strong hook and a big groove.

A phat guitar riff opens the single. Mixed to both sides of the sonic spectrum, it is an immediate, compelling listen. The bass, drums and vocals all drop together, deepening the texture and adding further weight to the song.

We loved the effected vocal, which has a telephone like quality to it. The marching guitars have a big sound and the drums are unrelenting. Having been produced by acclaimed UK/Australian producer Steve James, (Screaming Jets, The Superjesus, Mental As Anything) he has helped emphasise the quality in the writing and performance of the single.

Cream’s ‘Strange Brew’ inspired the main riff of the song. Guitarist Brad Weynton says, “I saw a documentary about Soundgarden’s 1994 album Superunknown. During pre-production, producer Michael Beinhorn advised Chris Cornell to write songs like his favourite band as a means to alleviate writer’s block. I love Cream, so ‘People in the TV’ is my attempt to write in their style.” We think Weynton’s objective has been achieved! With all the flavour but still creating a sound of their own, ‘People in the TV’ is simply delicious.

boWsER have dubbed their music a new sub-genre, #volcanicrock. This comes through in the music and ‘People in the TV’ is explosive from the beginning. The trio has emerged from a lengthy hiatus to release this single. We absolutely adored this release and sincerely hope that this reunion means that the band are back for good!

Released officially on 29th November 2019, ‘People in the TV’ is available to download and stream today. Make sure you add it to your weekend playlist; you will not be disappointed!

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