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FV Music Blog - Box Time - 'Another Excuse'
FV Music Blog – Box Time – ‘Another Excuse’

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Box Time – ‘Another Excuse’

Box Time is a four-piece grunge band hailing from London. Their latest single, ‘Another Excuse’ is a fast-paced, guitar-heavy Indie-Rock song.

Enticing guitars open the release, coming from each side of the sonic spectrum. The driving and edgy nature of the single is evident from the get-go, and we adore the addictive melodies pulsating through the track. We found the vocals to be compelling, and we adore the luscious chorus, which has the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Box Time Talks About the Release

Box Time say about the release, “We wanted these next two songs to have a bit more of an edge, and consequently they are a lot more grungy and energetic than the previous songs that we released. I think there was a lot of frustration in the U.K at the turn of the year and that is reflected in these songs and the performances on the recordings. Since then, the frustration has been heightened by COVID 19, and we actually swapped the order of our releases as we felt ‘Another Excuse’ had more relevance to the current situation that we’re all living in.”

Comprised of band members, John Chamberlain – Guitar and vocals, Barny skinner – Guitar and backing vocals, Paddy Chamberlain – Bass, and Ryan Peek – Drums, Box Time are great musicians. They were formed in 2018 in London. The band say, “John had written a lot of songs as a side project while playing in other bands such as Strange Ways and Love Barons. We had all known each other for years and had played together in the past. The songs really came to life and went from slow, acoustic bedroom songs to fast-paced indie-rock within a matter of weeks.”


So make sure you check out ‘Another Excuse’ this weekend. Its official release date is 12th June 2020, so is available to stream now! 

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