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Glass-Slippers-cover-3000px.pngReleased on 12th July 2019, ‘Glass Slippers’ is the brand new release from a favourite artist of ours, Brenda Cay.

Written by Cay and Kristin K. Smith, ‘Glass Slippers’ is a tongue in cheek song which is catchy and charming throughout.

From an intriguing percussion beginning, the song breaks through. First, we hear bass and guitars. The vocals follow next and to us, it sounds like an old friend returning. Cay’s voice is distinctive and filled with character. The backing vocals are a nice accompaniment too, they add another layer of texture to the song on the chorus. The guitar riffs link the segments well and are truly fun and catchy licks.

The guitar solo is simply excellent. It is melodic, charming and thoroughly enthralling. We also loved the middle eight in the final 3/4 of the track. It slows the tempo down and has a wonderful electric guitar in the background of the music. Next, we hear a return to the catchy chorus. The lyrics flow within the groove of the song magically. At the very end of the track, we hear a guitar riff that has been double-tracked and is impactful because of this.

This is country music at its finest. It is accessible to all listeners as it is relatable and down to earth in nature. The album artwork is a brilliant representation of the music which it represents. We adored the mix, production, and mastering on the song. Each of the instrumentation sounds crisp and clear and they all sit in their own place in the mix.

We have also added ‘Glass Slippers’ to our FVMusicBlog playlist, there are so many ways to check out this super release today!

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