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Brian Charles Tischleder – ‘Momma Told Me So’

Hailing from Minneapolis, artist Brian Charles Tischleder is back with his carefully crafted latest album, ‘Momma Told Me So’. A seasoned artist, he has been recording performing and writing songs for the past 25 years. ‘Momma Told Me So’ feels like a culmination of all of that experience.

The title track, ‘Momma Told Me So’ opens the release. A rich double bass and accompanying drums greet the listener, and the scene is set. We love the character in Brian Charles Tischleder’s voice; it is filled with ctexture and intrigue. Horns add further texture to the piece, and the uplifting chorus is simply divine. 

We adored ‘Cold Night Air’, it is a perfect tune for this time of year with a friendly feel and upbeat melody. The backing vocals are gorgeous, and everything dances along harmoniously. 

We also enjoyed ‘Dog On a Chain’ for its attention-grabbing lyrics present from the get-go. “I hate you, you hate me” is sung loudly and proudly by multiple voices, and the layers of texture slowly reveal themselves. 

‘South Dakota’ hears an atmospheric opening as a piano emerges. Gentle and tender, the song evolves before the listener and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button. Beautiful.

With a voice reminiscent of Tom Waits and songs with in-depth lyrical content, there are aspects of Bob Dylan to make comparison with too. Brian Charles Tischleder is a musician with heart and integrity. Each of the songs on ‘Momma Told Me So’ is a masterpiece in itself. 

Aside from ‘Momma Told Me So’, there is also an impressive back catalogue of Brian Charles Tischleder’s music. We will be listening to past releases this weekend! Make sure you check out this magical album today, you will not be disappointed! 

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