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Broken Radio

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Broken Radio – ‘Twerk & Twang’

‘Twerk & Twang’ is the latest album by Germany-based artist, Broken Radio. It is an Americana album with a big heart. 

‘Summer Rewind’ opens the release to a luscious groove. We adore the soulful organ and melodic guitar. It sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. 

‘Relentless Traveler’ is a standout song. It features a laid back feel with charming and characterful vocals. The beat is stoic and creates a solid foundation for the rest of the song to shine. 

We adore the track ‘Adrenaline’, it instantly grabs the listeners attention and holds it effortlessly. Broken Radio says bout the song, “‘Adrenaline’ is a quintessential folk-rock track, echoing the work of seminal songwriters such as Neil Young, or Tom Petty, only to mention a few.” We can hear these influences coming through in the music, but make no mistake; Broken Radio is making music all of his own.

‘Green Grass Blues’ is driving from the get-go and has an intriguing instrumental melody. In addition, ‘Transistor Lullabies’ is an innovative song with a gorgeous slide guitar that consumes the audience. While ‘Many a Mile’ leaves the listener wanting more!

Klaus Patzak

Broken Radio is a solo project by the brilliant musician Klaus Patzak. He has been releasing music under Broken Radio since the 90s and mixes genres to create his innovative and distinctive sound. ‘Twerk & Twan’ features eleven tracks, each with their own personality and formidable character.

So make sure to add ‘Twerk & Twang’ to your weekday playlist. Broken Radio is an artist who is making music that needs to be heard, and we very much look forward to what will come next. 

Released officially on 16th October 2020, ‘Twerk & Twang’ is out now. Check it out from the link below!

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