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PhotobyElenaRayAlbumArtbyAmyGayheart.jpg‘I Am The Sun’ is the debut release by Los Angeles singer and spoken word artist, Brook Benson.

The 7 track EP is filled with songs that cross genres and musical stereotypes. The opening song is also the title track to the EP. ‘I Am The Sun’ has a dramatic beginning with strings and drums creating an audio landscape for the vocals to spring from. We were expecting to hear a singing voice but were pleasantly surprised when an enthralling rap appeared. The rap accompanied by the level of interesting musical composition makes for a song that is innovative and complex.

‘The Awakening’ hears a tribal opening swiftly followed by beautiful spoken word poetry. ‘Go With the Flow’ has a sound which is reminiscent of The Band Perry. The violin, guitar and Hammond organ all come together in blissful harmony. ‘In the Eye’ has a melodic riff that sets rich images in the listener’s mind. Benson’s spoken word poetry reminds us of Ani Difranco in places. Her phrasing and delivery are relaxed yet impactful throughout.

‘Back in the Day’ hears an ambiguous beginning with interesting chordal changes. It is filled with pop culture references and it is storytelling at its finest. ‘I Sing For You’ has a shift in the genre to pure unadulterated Jazz. The double bass, guitar, and drums all culminate in a beautiful Jazz tune. Finally, ‘Be the Change’ has an acapella opening with only percussion and drums being added to the perfectly orchestrated piece.

‘I Am The Sun’ is filled with a rich tapestry of articulate and thought-provoking lyrics. Benson effortlessly produces spoken word which is intelligent in nature and composed beautifully. This truly is music with a message which needs to be heard.

So, follow the links below and make sure you check out this exciting artist today! This is only the beginning of Brooke Benson.

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