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Brother Sea

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Brother Sea – ‘September’ 

Brother Sea is a folk band hailing from Wadebridge in the UK. Their latest release ‘September’ is a must-hear single this November 2020. 

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the release. It is soon joined by an atmospheric violin and the two duet beautifully. We adore the passionate vocals; they set the tone of the piece and effortlessly captivate the listener’s attention. 

As the cello and full band drop, the single is in full flow. We adore the enigmatic charm that ‘September’ possesses. It is a well balanced and layered piece that offers a relatable and captivating sonic experience. In addition, the main melody is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

This superb single is about mental health and how Brother Sea’s lead singer Kris found solace in Cornwall. The band say, “It’s hard not to feel a deep resonance with nature and the seasons in Cornwall, yet with our modern ways and the exponential rise in tourism this land is understandably bustling during the summer months.” They continue, “But September’s restorative caress always comes around and is a month many who live in Cornwall, and perhaps even the land herself, long for.”

Band Members

Brother Sea are comprised of band members Kris Lannen – Lead vocal and acoustic guitar, David Harbottle – Vocal, Cittern and banjo, Freya Harbottle – Vocal, concertina, and harmonium, Richard Trethewey – Vocal and fiddle, Annie Baylis – Vocal and fiddle, Henry Cavender – Drums, and Calum Ingram – Cello. They are all clearly excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens. 

We absolutely adore ‘September’; it is a single with a big heart and one which we thoroughly recommend checking out. Brother Sea is a talented bunch, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

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